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Changing hosts: … I’m doing it, so I may slow down a little bit on the posting-every-day pace for the next week. But what do you guys care, anyway? You’re moving into dorm rooms, driving to Burning Man, making plans for the long Labor Day weekend or just laying low, aren’t you?

In case you care, I’m heading from here to over here. Double the room, half the cost, slightly less data transfer per month — and all the stuff I know nothing about, but intend to try on (CGI-BIN, MySQL, PHP, etc.).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back down to B-and-N’s cafe at Jack London Square. I want to try out new site layouts and play with a couple of articles, and Ankita wants to do other stuff. This was us on Sunday:

George: *catches The Wife ogling a black-and-white photo of Vin Diesel bare-chested in the shower in the new InStyle magazine* Turn the page! Now!
The Wife: But you can’t see his face!
George: Oh, yeah. It just increases the mystery for you, huh?
The Wife: *big smile*

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