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DJ Spooky: …last night, That Subliminal Kid played with Matthew Shipp at the Aldrich Museum on Main St. (heh, DJ Spooky, playing on Main Street — now that’s overground acceptance!) in Ridgefield, Conn. Anybody know how it went?

I mean, I only know ’bout it ’cause I went to the Stamford Advocate’s homepage looking for a Patrick Verel article on bhangra and found this.

“Anything can be remixed, whether it’s the sound of wind or the rain, even satellite feedback,” he says. “It’s just the basic ways it all flows. All songs are just remixes of each other; there’s nothing that’s really original.”

But if, as Miller states in the liner notes of “Under The Influence,” “hip-hop, techno, ambient, illbiant, drum’n’bass, and dancehall reggae are just terms used to hold a place in our minds where we dance together,” how does he know where to begin?

“I just go on my own internal intuition,” he says. “It’s like a language that we all speak. You can understand music better than even a foreign language.”

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