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Today’s tune: … is Zap Mama’s “Call Waiting” (narrowly beating out “Songe”).

an eerily acid-jazzy extension of the Alexander Graham Bell fixation Daulne revealed on Seven’s “Telephone.”

The only weak link in the tracks of Am A Zone is “Call Waiting’s” very basic drum n’ bass and an ungraceful attempt at trance; Zap Mama sounds more like Bjork and the dialing and telephone ringing blares like it?s supposed to hammer the songs? name into our heads.”

Une d�claration d’amour par fax. Les moyens de communication modernes sont un th�me r�current de l’album. Nous sommes aujourd’hui tellement press�s que tout doit se faire par t�l�phone ou par les autoroutes de l’information.

This song just makes me grin, due to the fact that, well, it’s just so simply sexy.

“Call Waiting” features Marie Daulne’s haunting voice set to light drum-and-bass and the brisk, striking sound of pizzicato violins and an acoustic bass. If the boys of Massive Attack were to grab some djembes and African folk records, hang out with Angelique Kidjo and smile (much) more, the result might sound something like this.

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