“You Rock My World”: … Listened to the first single (RealAudio) off his Oct. 30 album, “Invincible,” at Michael Jackson’s site.

You get a bit of pop-culture convergence in the first minute, with MJ and Chris Tucker (whose love for the Gloved One is evident in the smack-talking — “I bet you Never-Never Land you can’t get that girl! … All right, then: Jamonit! JAMONIT!!”).

From Valsadie’s “America Misses Michael Jackson”:

Just watch one of the surprise hit films of late 1998, “Rush Hour.” The film�s star, Chris Tucker, refers to Michael in a handful of the film�s lines and even performs some of Michael�s signature dance moves.

Producer Rodney Jerkins overhauls some “The Way You Make Me Feel”-style lyrics (which Michael sings but I can’t quite clearly make out, other than the chorus), grafts them onto a really pretty piano, a rhythm that barely pushes 90 bpm, a few of those odd percussive sounds that I could probably duplicate on my cheap Yamaha pre-MIDI keyboard and some canned strings.

I give it a 6.5 out of 10, mostly ’cause I haven’t heard him in a while and it’s nice to. (Nostalgia, I guess.) That, and I’d rather listen to him than most of the stuff on this week’s charts. shrug

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