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Back on the stroll: … I’ve got my wig back on, my stockings straightened and my hourly rates newly calibrated.

So yes, since you asked, I’m (semi-)employed again, working part-time at the very East Bay newspaper chain I left two years ago by the grace of a telephone query from a couple of kind editors. Walked into the newsroom, shook hands with cool peoples I’ve been seeing and who have been seeing me off and on for six or seven years now, gave a ex-co-worker some telephonic dap and settled in at the screen.

Some things came flying back, some things haven’t changed; others required a question or a brief paw-through of a training manual. And I know it was real work, because I came home after it was all over at midnight — and couldn’t sleep. Just laid up in the bed until 3 a.m., knowing I needed to be up and out by 9 a.m. for another interview pressing engagement.

Came home this evening, walked down to B-and-N, pawed some mags (Whole Earth Magazine’s summer issue — guest editor Bruce Sterling, with articles by sci-fi cognoscenti “Big Willie” Gibson and Neal “Before Zod!” Stephenson; Artbyte — can ya dig it?) and went home to chat with Jako and Monique, take in the change afoot at Babygrrl.com and the notice over at Caterina.net while my darling wife scans our lovely local weeklies.

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