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Santiago Calatrava digs Oakland: … or maybe he’s just buttering us up in “Suspended Animation,” Jessie Scanlon’s article in Wired magazine’s September issue, on the subject of the planned Christ the Light Cathedral. And if I’d known Metaphorage was going to link to architect stuff, I’d’ve jotted down Calatrava’s comments on globalization, too. (via a magazine rack near you)

What are the big challenges and opportunities of the Oakland cathedral project?

SC: Oakland is a very young city. It’s like Paris 2,000 years ago. The physiognomy of the city is changing at a speed almost impossible to imagine in Europe. People tear down buildings, build other buildings — there is movement, growth. Oakland has the personality of a young person who is receptive. And I like it very much. It motivates me to think about what the city will become — where the forum will be 2,000 years from now, whre the temples and the agora will be, the museums and political institutions. Where will the archeological excavation happen in 2,000 years?

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