After-layoff afterlife: I’m doing all right. I’m thankful for everyone who checked in on me and wished me well. I went out to lunch yesterday with some of the fellow folks (steak sandwich, French fries and a side o’ sad). After bidding the buds adieu, I went home, hugged Ankita two times hard and we went down to Jack London Square for magazines and coffee. After that: barbecue at Everett & Jones, a bottle of Guinness stout and a walk back home to our place.

Today I went in, packed up my cube and deleted most of my personal folders on my ‘puter (though whoever uses it will have to delete about 4 gigs worth of MP3s). Then back over the Bay Bridge to Oakland, and forward to the traditional Updating Of The Resume.

Other lunch attendees included:

  • Carina
  • Andrew, Janelle + Katharine
  • Katharine + Max
  • Ben, Jill + Andrew
  • Dominic + Damien
  • Jennifer
  • Jill, aka “J.Ro”
  • Andrew
  • Janelle
  • Katharine
  • Max
  • nearby address sign
  • Ben
  • Belden Street sign
  • Jennifer
  • Amy, Jennifer and Carina

    MP3s listened to via iTunes during BART ride home yesterday:

  • Brian Eno, “Deep Blue Day”
  • Lamb, “Cotton Wool” (Fila Brazillia remix)
  • Basement Jaxx, “Breakaway”
  • Basement Jaxx, “Red Alert”

    CD listened to during drive into the office today:

  • Radiohead, “Kid A”
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