Entertainment Weekly jocks littleyellowdifferent: … EW wanted Ernie. They wanted Ernie bad.

allaboutgeorge: Ankita and I came home tonight

allaboutgeorge:: from walking around downtown Oakland

allaboutgeorge: She got Indian at this place, Sabina’s.

Erndawg1976: right on. any good?

allaboutgeorge: I got pho at a spot nearby

allaboutgeorge: Quite.

allaboutgeorge: So we come back in to our apt. and Ankita goes over to a box where there are usually flyers for grocery stores and stuff.

allaboutgeorge: In it is someone’s tossed copy of Entertainment Weekly.

Erndawg1976: right on. were you just flipping through it, not knowing PM was in there?

allaboutgeorge: looks at cover

allaboutgeorge: A woman on the fourth floor of my bldg., looks like.

allaboutgeorge: Oh, saw your entry on it today.

allaboutgeorge: And then Ankita was reading to me about a quyote on the opposite page

allaboutgeorge: about Julia Roberts in E! Online

allaboutgeorge: being unhappy about fans approaching her at inopportune times. Like when she’s peeing.

Erndawg1976: LOL

allaboutgeorge: So I look over to the other side of the page and blam!

allaboutgeorge: Three things at once:

allaboutgeorge: The word “Puppetmaster”

allaboutgeorge: The headline: “Bloggin’ In”

allaboutgeorge: And those two pictures of Andy Dick and Neil Gaiman.

Erndawg1976: (andy dick has a weblog?)

allaboutgeorge: Didn’t even notice Snoop doffin’ his hat in the page’s upper left hand corner.

allaboutgeorge: Nah, some site called

Erndawg1976: poopoochoochoo?

allaboutgeorge: allegedly does “gonzo celebrity encounters” and commentary

allaboutgeorge: “First I met Vanilla Ice! Then my buddy lent cash-strapped MTV misfit Andy Dick a quater for a pay-per-use Burger King bathroom!”

allaboutgeorge: And that seems to be the only reason for the Dick photo.

allaboutgeorge: Gaiman’s there for his “American Gods” weblog.

allaboutgeorge: Memepool gets it.

Erndawg1976: i’m just happy i got a better grade that the snoopydoggyblog.

allaboutgeorge: There’s no celebrity angle for them to pimp.

Erndawg1976: i think the ONLY reason why i’m listed is the tie to not just The Mole, but “ABC’s The Mole ™”

allaboutgeorge: Since Puppetmaster is DIY entertainment and they can’t sink their hooks into you, they have to use it but grade it poorly.

allaboutgeorge: And now you know how it works.

Erndawg1976: LOL

Erndawg1976: i’m just amazed they didn’t blog kottke.

Erndawg1976: “he looks like the guy from dawson’s creek!”

allaboutgeorge: Kottke ain’t rubbin’ shoulders — or nothing else — with the real D-Creekstas.</a.

allaboutgeorge: Is anyone on the A-list doing
“Politically Incorrect” yet?

Erndawg1976: just wait another couple months when blogging gets uber-trendy

allaboutgeorge: It’s been peaks and valleys.

allaboutgeorge: More ups and downs, “blogging is hot” and “blogging is over”s than a gal having multiple orgasms.

Erndawg1976: that’s a great quote.

allaboutgeorge: Steal it.

Erndawg1976: haha — right on!

allaboutgeorge: Who would have to blog to make blogging hot enough to be mainstream — and thus over once and for all?

Erndawg1976: ooooooh. adam curry? chuckle

allaboutgeorge: Pick another MTV relic.

Erndawg1976: LOL

Erndawg1976: if i turn on MTV, and TRL is on and carson says “let’s check today’s entry from the TRL weblog,” THAT’S when it’s time to commit mass seppuku

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