Monthly Archives: August 2001

Bear with me: … I’m getting the hang of this host-change thing. It’s quarter past 2 in the morning. I’m not at my best. Shampooed the locks Monday, but didn’t get around to shea-buttering them down till this afternoon. I think it went well. I can ponytail the ones at the base of my scalp, […]

Formica?: … I like-a.

Tricky: … from a July 2001 Remix magazine interview. What effect would you like your music to have, and how do you see yourself as an artist? I think I’m more about emotion than about being a head-rocker. Some music makes your head nod, and that’s good; I love those drumbeats that make you go […]

Cover stories: That’s funny. The twins on the September cover of this magazine are wearing saris and jeweled bindis. And September’s cover of this magazine has a headline for their cover piece taking readers “inside the city’s wild new music scene — a tour through rock, hip-hop, and house to the genius of DJ Qbert.” […]

Mack Reed: … on morale-boosters for journalists and what you need to know before you wander off to Burning Man on impulse. (via James)

A letter from Cuba: … Noy Thrupkaew recalls healthcare, jiniterismo, race and labeling as belonging. I am called “china” quite often during the trip. But it doesn’t really feel like people have an idea of what personality traits a china has or a stereotype in mind (i.e., hot geisha chick, godamn foreigner, come do my […]

Chocolate Genius: … the musician also known as Marc Anthony Thompson in an interview with Vivien Goldman, talking about how music is still his passion: “Art is an effort to gather your tribe. Hopefully, mine will come with me.”