Slanderous:Worse Than Queer goes LiveJournal on us, and makes us like it. In the last week, she’s been digging on “Tron,” 10-hour trips from Berkeley to Portland, rigged missile tests and this …

There is some of the most FUCKED-UP anti-trans discussion happening over at the Ms. magazine bulletin boards, seriously. The “best” part is that the worst transphobic remarks are coming from self-identified “radical feminists,” who unbelievably continue to identify sexism as the root of all oppressions. (What cave have they been hiding in? Did they totally ignored all the feminists of color agitating in their midst, e.g., Audre Lorde, Gloria Anzuldua, et cetera?) Don’t bother reading this board unless you have a strong stomach for outrageously fucked-up comments. Someone at (which was referred to by one “radical feminist” as “Frankenstein’s castle” because of its public pro-trans position) said that reading the trans-related threads on the Ms. board was like being at, and that’s not far off.

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