DFC 4478: … I don’t know him, but he messaged me tonight. Creeped me the hell out. His intent wasn’t immediately clear to my trusting, unexpecting self right away. shudder

DFC4478 (10:47 PM): hi there
allaboutgeorge (10:47 PM): Hello.
DFC4478 (10:47 PM): where in Cali are you?
allaboutgeorge (10:47 PM): Oakland
DFC 4478 (10:48 PM): im in La, im originally from Boston, but im out here on business
allaboutgeorge (10:49 PM): Been to L.A. once. Nice town.
DFC 4478 (10:49 PM): how lod are you?
allaboutgeorge (10:49 PM): Never been to Boston.
allaboutgeorge (10:49 PM): 30
DFC 4478 (10:49 PM): oh ok im 28
DFC 4478 (10:49 PM): do you have a pic?

adds DFC 4478 to AIM “jerks” folder with a quickness

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