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Cutesy and stupid: … So I go by Ernie’s. I see he’s been talking with Kevin. I go check out Kevin, nose around and see FBK in his friends list (down and on the left). I think to myself, “Self, it’s been a while since you visited FBK. Hmm, she’s converted to Greymatter. Wonder what the first post looks like?”

You know how sometimes you’ll see a girl…no, a woman actually…being all cutesy and stupid? I want to kick that girl’s head in, I want to pummel her. I should be more specific here…I hate it when a girl is being all cutesy and stupid for a boy (or a man, even). I don’t know who I hate more in that situation. The girl because she’s being such an idiot or the guy because he’s BUYING it. It’s really annoying to me when a girl dumbs herself down for a guy. I don’t think men are generally that stupid. But then, there’s that whole lot of men that eat that shit up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So. Yeah.

Nine times out of ten, I tend to want to pummel the man. The tenth time? I’m the man.

Which leads me to ask: Guys: How often are you the man? Dolls: How often are you the (wo)man sitting next to the man?

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