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Quotes of the day: … from ye olde slew of alt-weeklies.

  • P.Diddy on President B— and how to deal with the media: (Miami New Times) “He has a problem because white people are starting to hate him. … I use the media when I want to promote stuff, just like any other celebrity. When I do great, groundbreaking things, the media applauds us. And then when we get our asses in trouble and we slip and fall, they gonna be there for that too. … If you’re an entertainer, then you got to know there’s papers that have to be sold, so there’s going to be misinformation. You deal with it.”
  • Top 100 reasons to celebrate the dot-com era’s end: (San Jose Metro) We no longer have to see William Shatner reminding us, “You know what to do, dawg! Bust a mooooove.”
  • Burlington, Vt., City Council Chapin Spencer on living one’s values: (Seven Days) �Our society doesn�t treat everybody well. We have a responsibility as well-off citizens in a well-off country to combat that every day of our lives� Life is short. We all have values. If you don�t live your values, I think you are wasting a life. That�s just how I see it. … I used to be an agitator. Now I�m a fighter for a vision where transportation nourishes a community instead of divides and destroys it.�
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