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Tim Wise: … has a reason to believe we all won’t be received. (But hey, I like to think I’m as much of a social butterfly as the next guy. Heh.)

When it comes to racial realities, the levels of ignorance are so ingrained as to be almost laughable. Perhaps that�s why 12 percent of whites actually say blacks are a majority of the nation�s population, and why most whites believe blacks are a third of the nation�s population, instead of the 13 percent they actually represent. We seem to see black people everywhere, and apparently we see them doing quite well.

Apparently, we even see them as our buddies. Some 75 percent of whites in one recent poll indicated that they had multiple close black friends. Sounds great, until you realize that 75 percent of white Americans represents about 145 million people. So 145 million say they have multiple black friends, despite the fact that there are only 35 million black people to go around. Which means one of two things: either whites are clueless about black people, friendships, or both; or black folks are mighty damned busy, running from white house to white house to white house, being our friends. In which case, we can put away all that nonsense about blacks �taking our jobs.� After all, how could blacks have time to work at all, what with all the backyard barbecues they�re attending at the houses of their white pals? Hell, maybe Elvis will even invite them all to Graceland when he makes his triumphant return to Memphis.

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