Monthly Archives: July 2001

Lies, damned lies and forwarded e-mails: … Got this from a family member. It’s not true. With so much information out there to ding B— on, no one should have to resort to a made-up institute’s “report” passed around from in-box to in-box like so much pamphleteered propaganda. Report: President Bush Has Lowest IQ of […]

Slanderous: … Worse Than Queer goes LiveJournal on us, and makes us like it. In the last week, she’s been digging on “Tron,” 10-hour trips from Berkeley to Portland, rigged missile tests and this … There is some of the most FUCKED-UP anti-trans discussion happening over at the Ms. magazine bulletin boards, seriously. The “best” […]

Dropping the soap: … in the Nando Times (via Den Beste) “We can’t keep blaming O.J. anymore … It’s a few years back now. If we haven’t recovered, it isn’t because of O.J., it’s because we’re not giving the audience what it wants.”