Phil me now!: … For rappers grown tired of Bootsy (if you walk without rhythm, you won’t attract the worm), there’s always the other Mr. Collins to consider.

A cross-section of Collins’ densely rhythmic melodies has been reworked into hip-hop odes on the tribute album, Urban Renewal Featuring the Songs of Phil Collins, released on WEA Germany, according to Included on the album is ODB’s rendition of “Sussudio,” Brandy’s cover of “Another Day in Paradise” and Lil’ Kim’s interpretation of “In the Air Tonight.” The concept for the album was inspired by years of requests from R&B and hip-hop artists to sample Collins’ music.

Weblogs: A new source of news: … “You don’t have to be a good writer. What matters is meaning. What you need is passion — a deep interest in a subject — and then all you have to do is say something interesting. For us readers, it’s actually a bit like eavesdropping. Who do I want to drop in on unannounced?”