Monthly Archives: June 2001

Asian Dub Foundation: … tour diary in the Guardian. The great thing about Brazil is that so many people there understand the life-changing potential of music, and art in general. The cynicism in Britain, the idea that music will never change anything, is based on a very narrow view of what constitutes change. The Brazilian […]

Ricochet: … I didn’t know they’d rolled out a 64Kbps service for Bay Area folks. If it’s going down the tubes, it’s frustrating to hear columnists refer to it as a reliable product. Odd, too, to look over in the ad space beside the article and see two ads for the Ricochet service.

Aimster for the Mac: … strictly for evaluation purposes.

Who’s makin’ love to your old lady: … while you’re out makin’ love?

“Baby Boy”: … Davey D calls bullshit. I think Singleton wanted to make some salient points about life for a segment of Black society. Unfortunately, I think he further perpetuates stereotypes and disturbing behavioral patterns that exist within the community. If folks see the movie they should use the film as a springboard to conversation […]

It’s raining books! Hallelujah!: … by great good luck and thoughtfulness, a co-worker has placed a copy in my hands. This, on top of John Snyder’s generosity in advance of my birthday. The mind boggles; the heart fills with sentiment.

Another Rushdie death threat: … over at The Nation. (courtesy blahstuff) Two years later, when the giant Zooropa tour arrived at Wembley Stadium, Bono called to ask if I’d like to come out on stage. U2 wanted to make a gesture of solidarity, and this was the biggest one they could think of. When I […]