A vow of silence: … A woman who lives on the same floor in our building has taken one. She’s a Buddhist, so maybe it’s Vipassana-related. According to a sign she’s posted on her door, she’ll end it June 21, the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (as well as an eclipse — I’m feeling Ankita’s desire to stay home rightaboutthen). I’m reminded of occasions in my life when people were unable to express what was being felt through mere words, as well as the disturbances in the Force that have led to recent pauses and rests in the blogging community. (via A.D.) elly’s entry offers a nice snapshot of her motivation to take a two-day speech fast.

Nude Canucks — no clothes? Aw shucks!: … “Once everyone was naked, it didn’t really matter that everyone was naked, because everyone was naked.”

Photographer Spencer Tunick: “I use the body as a shape … It’s very hard to look at a mass of bodies, at least in my work, and get aroused. It’s using the body as an art object, not a sex object.

“The shape is the message … It’s an abstraction that seeps into and onto the pavement, that creates a sense of vulnerability for the body juxtaposed (against) a harsh outside world with many things coming against you… This is where the body tries to overpower the street.

“People just listened, they cared about my work and wanted to be a part of something original.

“I’m just so appreciative for Canada being above us and not Iran or Singapore.”

(CBC RealVideo link)