Fighting words: Adrienne, Ms. million-watts-of-A.C.-power herself, has 4 out of 7 right.

  • Dogs are better pets than cats Now, I’m a dog man. Lived in a house with a cat for a few weeks. It was OK, but you won’t catch me turning into Joe Pennant (who liked him a cat he lived with up until a month ago)
  • Marvin Gaye is a sexier vocal stylist than Al Green That’s a gimme. Gaye made some fine music while he thought he had a shot at being Sinatra or a neo-Nat King Cole, but took it to the next level when he went pop (as we all know by now). Green, in comparison, hasn’t ever felt compelled to try to stretch beyond his best efforts (“Still In Love With You” edging out “Let’s Stay Together”). The lovely covers Green does from time to time are excluded from consideration in this.
  • Broiling beats frying Nope. Two words: Fried chicken.
  • Only 4 gospels comprise Christian theology Let’s see, do I really feel like putting up a fight about Essene stuff or the Aquarian gospels? Nah. Maybe another day.
  • Whitman’s poetry is better than Sandberg’s Well, OK.

  • Southerners are stupid You can kill that noise rightaboutnow.
  • All blacks have natural rhythm … even if it’s only the “white-boy shuffle” — right, Ms. Paul Beatty fan?
  • Pictures from Saturday: … at Berkeley’s Himalayan Fair in Live Oak Park, watching a lovely rendition of an Indian dance about Lord Krishna, a particularly tall ‘do that momentarily blocked my view of the stage (before its owner decided to sit down), a note about a prisoner of conscience and a booth where people were urged to write letters of support on his behalf, a brief glance upward at prayer flags strung above the grounds, a flyer at a booth for a local store, a portrait of the photographer as captured in a mirror, a bit of script, a Berkeley, Calif., cop sprinting toward a bannered gate (karma police?), another mirror shot examining my hairline receding (my vain darling), a glance to make me wonder “have I stayed too long at the fair?”, more prayer flags in the May breeze, a shot of a signifier of some in the crowd’s political sympathies, a glance at the two women I hung out with and one I used to work with at ANG, a shot of what I may make into a 404 page, and some shots of Ankita overcoming apathy — and while I’m sure this street sign has been shot before, its image rather captures the spirit of the day for me.