High, low and in-between: … If you’re reading this, most likely you’re at a computer, so do me this solid: Get up, stand up (no, not that get up, stand up) with your arms at your sides, extend them out to, well, arms’ length, hold ’em for five seconds and lower them gently.

There, that’s more like it. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, last night. It was pretty cool, even though I had to drive into The City. I shouldn’t whine, ’cause plenty of folks have to do so from much farther than my parking space in downtown Oakland. Last time I did so was just over a year ago, and I had better music then (Arto Lindsay’s “Noon Chill”). Yesterday it was just KCBS news radio.

So today, I get up, grab my backpack and pop I sit back down in a hurry. I pulled something in my back, most likely a muscle. So I luck out and get an appointment with a masseuse in Alameda. Interesting time. At one point, she moved my left arm around in my shoulder joint — and I could feel the middle three toes on my right foot go fwoosh up in flames. No pain, but just the exact sensation of a hotfoot in those phalanges.

The moral of the story is: Stay flexible. Walk while you can, stretch while you can and if a loved one says to you, “You’re spending too much time hunched over your keyboard,” try not to blow them off like you usually do.

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