Critical Mass: The Chronicle has an article about yesterday, which I overheard people talking about in Cafe 1428 this morning.

I was in the office last night, getting ready to leave, when a coworker explained what all that noise down on Fourth Street was.

I looked out an east-facing window and down onto the intersection of Fourth and Mission and saw them surging along, cars stopped on both sides — lots of yelling and stuff, seasoned with sirens and honking horns.

And it was really cool to watch them riding down toward Pac Bell Park, strength in numbers, support against roadway hogs and a reassertion of human-powered modes of travel.

The memory was just what I needed to put some perspective on the BART train backup I ran into minutes later while trying to get home.

I’d rather take the train, I’d rather bike, I’d rather walk than get behind a car and drive anywhere. I’m so grateful I can choose to do so whenever I feel like it.

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