A pretty boy, an ugly law: … and a game where umps don’t have the balls to throw out called strikes. cues Main Source’s “Just A Friendly Game of Baseball”

In Corey Moore’s four trials — a rare window on repeated strategies used in the same case — precise numbers are impossible to correlate because the court does not record the racial composition of juror panels. But an analysis of available data shows that in four trials spread over four years, prosecutors struck 41 blacks or minorities and six whites. The defense, looking at the same juror panels, struck 29 whites and 13 blacks.Translation: The prosecution targeted blacks or minorities with about 87 percent of its strikes, though they composed about 67 percent of the juror panels. The defense targeted whites at a rate of 69 percent, more than double their representation.

The trend is buttressed by looking at gender, also protected by Supreme Court rulings. Moore allegedly bragged that he would never be convicted because female jurors would like his looks. His attorneys and prosecutors apparently agreed. The government used 70 percent of its strikes against women and 30 percent against men; the defense used 67 percent of its strikes against men and 33 percent against women.

Neither side challenged the other’s strikes. None of the judges intervened.

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