Last thoughts: … before dropping off to sleep …

  • I’ve lived in Blue territory for too long. Why have I ruled out living in so many areas of the country up to now? I have to say there are areas of West Texas I remember quite fondly from the comfort of my three-day Greyhound bus trip from coast to coast. Gorgeous spots this time of year all over the heartland!
  • Condi Rice. Oooh baby! You’re sweeter and tastier than Uncle Tom’s any day of the week ending in “y.” Woman, you make me want to get ahold of you, along with some red beans, a stove and a pot!
  • There seems to be an utter lot of rubbish afoot. I wish people would just behave properly. Maybe losing an hour of sleep to the “spring forward” bit of Daylight Savings Time is making me a little grumpy.
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