End special treatment for blacks! … My former co-worker Tyler Porter, a sharp-eyed photographer and rabid No Doubt fan, passed along this astute commentary on privileges and quotas for African-Americans. I couldn’t agree more.

Even more amazing, did you know that hundreds of thousands of African-American men enjoy free housing — with free meals to boot? That’s right. Your federal, state and local taxes go to fund the ultimate pork-barrel giveaway just so that blacks, for whom slavery ended 136 years ago, can live for free, in many cases without even working! As with their special schools and their special jobs, a much, much higher percentage of blacks are admitted to these programs than their proportion in the general population. And this free government housing is incredibly safe — it’s so safe, in fact, that not only can no one break in, but the residents themselves can’t leave! As a white person, I demand that this despicable practice be stopped at once!

Last but hardly least, the same government agencies that run the disgusting free-housing-for-blacks boondoggle provide the ultimate in free health care — a privilege enjoyed by only a few whites! Yes, as usual, blacks get this ultimate solution to all health problems — all in a single, painless shot — administered absolutely free, and special quotas ensure that a far higher percentage of them than they deserve will continue to receive it.

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