Two from Wired: … on photography and networking.

“If you’re out in the street for a shot it’s pretty scary, man,” Maher says. “You could pretty easily get hit by a car or a bus. Buses are the worst. It’s always scary with traffic. You never know what people are going to do.” —–

Finally, connecting the new OS X machine to another Mac was a frustrating nightmare that cast a black shadow across an otherwise sunny day, although the solution to the problem turned out to be quite simple.

I turned on file sharing and AppleTalk networking on the new OS X machine and was able to see it on the network from the other Mac, but the OS X machine couldn’t see the Mac.

Getting this far was hard enough — it took me ages to figure out where the different settings could be found. Figuring out the problem had me stumped. Finally, a friend told me that I had to check an “Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP” checkbox on the Mac. And I’d been concentrating on the OS X machine. Silly me!

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