Numbers on Napster: … may portend a return to the ethos of its early days.

According to data from entertainment research firm Webnoize, the number of Napster users on the system at any given time has dropped from 1.5 million in mid-March to 1.1 million as of Friday — a one-week decline of more than 25%. At the same time, however, Webnoize found that the average number of files shared by any one user, which had tumbled by 60% after Napster implemented its blocking technology, has rebounded from 71 to roughly 110 — implying that the users with the least files to share are the ones dropping off the system and that those who remain are renaming their files to avoid the blocking.

I’m not using it as much as I had, but that’s more a function of a 6-gig hard drive than other factors (discriminating taste, the pleasures of filesharing over AIM, all that time spent offline sleeping and eating).

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