Monthly Archives: March 2001

Modern boys and mobile girls: … I’m so glad William Gibson has a new book coming out. The otaku, the passionate obsessive, the information age’s embodiment of the connoisseur, more concerned with the accumulation of data than of objects, seems a natural crossover figure in today’s interface of British and Japanese cultures. I see it […]

The blues: … Here’s hoping Morgan Freeman gets ’em, or doesn’t. Or something like that. “We’re going to open sometime this summer, maybe in June, maybe in May, maybe not until in July,” he says. “I have a partner down there, and we’ve just built a restaurant that is really exciting and good. And because […]

Exley marks the spot: … where activism rocks. “If you have something interesting to put out there, then the Internet drops the physical barriers,” he says. “Anyone can publish a Web site, so what’s our excuse?”