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Where’s a Venn diagram or mapmaker when you want one?

Oklahoma City Birmingham Memphis Indianapolis Columbus Kansas City Cincinnati San Antonio Charlotte Salt Lake City Nashville Atlanta Cleveland St. Louis Milwaukee Dallas-Fort Worth Jacksonville Houston Detroit Austin "Where to Rent Cheap: Some rents in major metropolitan areas rose more than 10% this year, but apartments in the Midwest and South remain easy on the pocket," […]

Vox Hunt: Happiness Is…

Take a picture of something that made you smile. X marks the salad

You might not ever get rich

BlogHer highlight, pt. 2

Conversation_ Kim Pearson and Melanie Morgan Make Sure I Can Pee

Josh Wolf

Josh Wolf at Vloggercon 2006

Through a glass, wheatly.

Drinking Hefeweizen @ Prism Cafe "You can make art out of anything that's around you. There are things that cost nothing, things that you find in the street or in bins, and then it can go the other way. You can make things out of gold and platinum. I was thinking about death. The other […]

Sunday snippet

Seu Jorge and Aimee Mann @ Stern Grove