Kwanzaa ’06: Umoja

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About half a dozen blogs fall into a category I'd call "practical magic": Lifehacker-like advice for right speech, thought and action. I'll list them at some point, but the one that comes to mind most readily today is the indispensable So what can I do?, who last year just so happened to have kicked off the holiday with tips. Oh, and Oxford University Press has a little somethin'-somethin' for you too. And if you ain't been by Cobb in a minute, do so. Read the poem, dig the wayback-wordage and watch the Google Video.

[…] This is something I say I officially learned this year but has been a lesson a long time coming. One should always pay attention to the quality of one's enemies, which is to say one should never be so lazy as to allow those opposed to you believe lies when the truth is at your disposal. It is in this spirit that I defend Kwanzaa. It is in this spirit that I represent as a black man. I never say that what I know is something you can't understand, because it always implies that I'm either incapable or unwilling to explain. […]