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On being Boddhisattva of the gender non-Euclidean

(inspired by Sarah Dopp) If gender hath its own geometry,its Euclidean arc the eye can mark,then the non-Euclidean girl or guymay also some new queer discussion spark. If boddhisattva be what you are called,it's not a label I'd consider dumbfor those Nirvana-bound are not at faultfor existing in that continuum So those who classify and […]

Hands washed before the multitude

[..] The legal issue presented in these appeals is straightforward:  Did the trial court err when it concluded Family Code statutes defining civil marriage as the union between a man and a woman are unconstitutional?  […] We conclude California’s historical definition of marriage does not deprive individuals of a vested fundamental right or discriminate against […]

They did

Jason's post reminded me that I had video of Nancy and Cynthia's wedding lying around.