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QotD: My Current Top 10

What are your top 10 most-played songs currently? Kind soul shares his Jackson 5 T-shirt Last week (ending 10th June '07): Michael Jackson, "Billie Jean"Chris Cornell, "Billie Jean"Shudder to Think, "Ballad of Maxwell Demon"The National, "Fake Empire"King Sunny Ade, "Mo Beru Agba"The Hold Steady, "Stevie Nix"Forro in the Dark, "Limoeiro Do Norte"Billy Bragg, "Help Save […]

QotD: Women Making History

March is National Women's History Month.  What women are making history today? All of them, actually. Missed the memo, did you?

QotD: Musical Horoscope

What's your musical horoscope?  (Put your player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.)Inspired by Stephanie.   "Fex" off Matthew Dear's "Leave Luck to Heaven""Everything Irie" off Eddy Grant's "Reparation""All You Want" off Dido's "No Angel""Desafinado" off Ryuichi Sakamoto's "A Day In New York""Por Acaso, Pelo Tarde" off Celso Fonseca's "Rive […]

QotD: First Celebrity Crush

Who was your first celebrity crush?Submitted by Glory. I remember being 4 or 5 years old. I was reading something, maybe a newspaper or a magazine, and thinking she was pretty.

QotD: Happy President’s Day!

Ever run for office?  (School, club, organization, politics, etc.)  Did you get elected? Our first day of journalism class in high school, I walked out to visit the restroom. When I came back, my classmates had named me editor-in-chief.

QotD: Never Seen It

What's the most famous movie you've never seen?  Submitted by Mike. Hm. Laura's post helpfully links to Wikipedia's highest-grossing-film list. I haven't seen either "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Shrek" or "Spider-Man" movies. I guess I'll go with "The Lion King."

QotD: Life-Changing Books

What are five books that changed your life?  Inspired by Ms. Genevieve. The Nine Planets (Exploring Our Universe) 0645 Discusses the characteristics of each of the nine planets and explains the techniques used in the discovery and study of them.  When I was eight, Franklyn M. Braney's "The Nine Planets" made the planets much more […]