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How To Talk To Girls At Parties (demo)

How To Talk To Girls At Parties Am9 Fmaj7 Dm9Don't start a rumorDon't listen to talk around townShow good humorAnd act up when life looks down Dm9 Em9 arpegMe, I never built my world around themNot that my reserve remained unspentGave me something beautiful to long forGave me something to learn to repentI never built […]

“What we’re trying to do is to tell them how to do it in the nicest possible manner.”

[…] The one-night-stand (ONS) is a bit like fast food: tempting, but with nauseating afterthoughts. Make health and safety a priority. Always try to invite him back to yours, but if you insist on playing away, text a friend to inform them of your whereabouts. Avoid dark-alley gropery, and unladylike fumbling in the back of […]