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Next come DJing, breakdancing, beatboxing, and emceeing

[…] The adviser said that he had heard from a source in Iran that the Revolutionary Guards have been telling religious leaders that they can stand up to an American attack. "The Guards are claiming that they can infiltrate American security," the adviser said. "They are bragging that they have spray-painted an American warship—to signal […]

Give this post a soundtrack

[…] The mini-fad for referencing turn-of-the-'90s hip-hop may just be an accident; the samples Pretty Ricky, Lloyd and Musiq Soulchild employ have been mined by other artists, including Nelly and Ini Kamoze. But by vocalizing these hooks instead of just interpolating them, the younger artists claim a legacy. Lloyd and the members of Pretty Ricky […]

He hit it and quit it

James Brown- Sex Machine / Soul Power James Brown James Brown Olympia 1966 James Brown […] When the band hits its first notes and the room begins to ride the music, a kind of metamorphosis occurs, a sort of transmutation of the air of expectation in this Midlands crowd. They've been relieved of the first […]

June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

Tupac sighting

Practicing and performing the mnemonic rituals of a kinetic orality

The Games Black Girls Play: Learning the Ropes from Double Dutch to Hip-hop Chicken Noodle Soup […] In The Games Black Girls Play, Gaunt argues that cheers — songs and seemingly nonsensical chants performed in conjunction with handclaps and foot stomps — offer entertainment for black girls across the country, but they also play a […]

QotD: In Heavy Rotation

What albums are in heavy rotation for you right now? St. Elsewhere Veneer White Bread Black Beer My PodUtil-fu is still weak, so for right now? Gnarls Barkley's "St. Elsewhere" Sound Advice's "Gnarls Biggie" Jose Gonzalez's "Veneer" Dert's "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" (thanks for the heads-up, Gwen) Scritti Politti's "White Bread Black Beer" (Ben gave […]