Kwanzaa ’06: Ujamaa

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Cooperative economics, right? Soulsearching's got the definition and DarkStar takes it on further. My thought? What does that mean in an attention economy where some small amount of, well, somebody's dollars can hinge on whether you click on this-here link to take you to that-there Web site or blog?

If attention is money, I'm'a always put a dollar in Planet Grenada's cap. (Go visit and wish proprietor Abdul-Halim a  Happy Eid.) He points to Garvey's Ghost's "Thoughts on Kwanzaa 2006," wherein Sondjata asks:

So if people can go through Kwanzaa and learn nothing of
Pan-Africanism or of African culture of the continent or the Diaspora,
then really, what is the point?

All I can say is that we who celebrate it or are aware of it and think it has meaning or utility have to do the heavy lifting. There are lots of Christians out there, and even they have a tough time cracking a Bible and getting to church on the regular. It's hard out there for a believer.