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Timelapse Love

Timelapse Love George Kelly (4 bars intro) Through binoculars or a telescope, you are far away but you seem so close. I am staring up into the nighttime sky at your face looking down from on high. I'm always hitting rewind on our timelapse love, captured on camera with the whole wide world watching on […]

Magnetic and True

Magnetic and True George Kelly Do I believe in elements, what their presence drives, or put my trust in everything on which artifice thrives or maybe split the difference, see both where my eyes fall upon the world I find you in, where you can hear my call? There's two kinds of north that I […]

Effort and Success (Iron and Steel and Tin)

Effort and Success (Iron and Steel and Tin) George Kelly Effort, call effort the discriminator. Call success, success the delineator. How much work before you're tirin', how much tin and steel and iron? You wanted it easy so you decided on iron first, and you bellied right up to the bar to slake your thirst. […]