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Everytime I hear Baratunde talk about his name …

Baratunde Thurston 8 minute Standup – May 2007 … I fall out laughing, but maybe that's just me. Everything else should make alla y'all laugh.

Eddie Murphy’s early James (hold the thunder)

Eddie Murphy – Delirious – Singers No.2 James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub!

QotD: They Play(ed) My Jams

What's your favorite radio station, past or present? Ah, that's easy. […] I wonder, then, is comedy programming still a niche format or is America ready to support comedy all-the-time on traditional Radio outlets? It was tried before on a smaller scale in the early 1980's. The first all-comedy Radio station in the nation was […]

It’s such a small world…

Robin Harris' Bebe's Kids And I found that out when the late comedian Robin Harris said so in a stand-up routine.