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Booka’sto trippin’

African American fiction Reading what RPM wrote the other day reminded me.

In other words, black is whatever we say it is

[…] Consider this: Just 40 years ago, one could make certain assumptions about the average Negro, or black American. She was probably no more than one generation removed from the South; whether a Northerner or Southerner, he had first-hand knowledge of Jim Crow, or segregation; when it came to religion, he or she was most […]

I am not a blipster

So instead of writing about them, I'll blog about them.

Dubbing E.B. the boy

"I'm impressed that he was clearly African American, yet he stood at the helm at something as mainstream and significant as '60 Minutes' for all these years. "W.E.B. DuBois talked about the twoness of African Americans — to be American and to be black; well Ed Bradley experienced a threeness, if you will. He was […]

QotD: Baby Love

How cute were you as a baby/child? Let's see those baby pics! A. and I visited L. at his place about four years ago. In the picture, I'm on the left, E. is in the center and L. is on the right. Judging by the patterns in my plaid pants, E.'s turtleneck and L.'s overalls […]

QotD: Reality TV Star

If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would you pick and why? MTV's "The Real World: Oakland." Dibs on the one-dimensional angry-black-guy character! The Real World – Greatest Fights Previously, blacks on many reality shows have been pegged as angry, uncooperative, lazy or downright mean, according to Mark Anthony Neal, an associate professor […]

Paging, pt. 1

African American fiction Gay & lesbian I'm spending time out of the heat and in air-conditioned environs whenever possible. I'm thinking I didn't make full use of a Buns and Noodle coupon I got in the mail yesterday. I'm wondering about two groups of people: community leaders who rail against the rise of hip-hop fiction […]