After last night: … I’m looking forward to going over some of the personal testimony offered in this page about diversity in Buddhist communities.

Before you begin reading the following personal statements we ask that you take a moment of reflection. Take some breaths and allow your mind to relax. Now imagine your Sangha, gathered in full, sitting and listening to a Dharma Talk. You are in the front looking out at a sea of faces. Who is there? What color are those faces? Do you see many faces of color? Do the color of these faces reflect the greater community in which your sangha lives? How do you feel about this? And how do you feel generally about people of color? Do you hold stereotypical ideas about some people of color? Do those stereotypes affect the way you deal with people of color? Please be honest with yourself. We do not ask these questions to encourage blame. We are all struggling with deep racial conditioning. By bringing light to this problem we hope to deepen the practice of Dharma for all beings.

George W. Bush, Britney Spears and the naked truth about Americans: … it’s all right here, thanks to my buddy Tyler Porter. One can only wonder how soon various permutations of it will begin to make their way around the ‘Net.

When did you throw out your porn magazines?: … And was it for the same reason I did? (via lemonyellow)

Right of way is what porn-land is all about. It may be that men’s insecurity in a changing world, where their role and power has been reduced, prompts the need for a fantasy world that offers itself as reality. A world where men are on top. A world where sex-barter is the only exchange between men and women. It’s a comforting, closed world where women are at once everywhere and excluded. It’s a conservative world, where for all the panting poses, there is neither freedom nor change.

Cellphone? Fuhgeddaboutit!: I love my Ricochet, but I did see two brothers in the Alice Arts Center’s Cafe 1428 in downtown a couple of weekends ago with Motorolas, messaging each other, and I remember thinking to myself that it was kind of cool. Russell Simmons and Star Jones seem to think so too.

“I remember when Guy Oseary in L.A. gave all these executives BlackBerrys and we used to laughingly refer to them as the white man’s pager,” Mr. Simmons said. “He was giving them to Brad Grey and Bernie Brillstein and those people.” (Mr. Oseary is a record executive. Mr. Grey and Mr. Brillstein are the producers of “The Sopranos.”)

Both devices appeal to gadget-crazy consumers who want their e-mail anytime, anywhere, despite the awkwardness of tiny screens and tiny keys. At least they both beat cell- phone e-mail, which is also available.

“It’s completely changed the way folks communicate,” Ms. Jones said. “You have to make so much small talk on a phone call and go through personal assistants. With the two- way it’s an instant one-on-one connection.”

Why I was late for work this morning: … The train I missed was probably the one involved in this.

Bay Area Rapid Transit officials have identified the worker killed by a train this morning while he worked on the tracks. Pittsburg resident Robert Rhodes, 43, was struck and killed by a train at 9:45 a.m. in the tunnel between the 16th Street and 24th Street stations in San Francisco.

Rhodes was an electrician checking on sparks in the tunnel, according to BART officials. Officials are investigating the incident to learn exactly how the accident happened.