Two from the gate:SFGate, that is.

  • Le freak, c’est chic.
  • “We’re gonna do the first part like Caetano did it, then pttt” — spitting out an imaginary watermelon seed — “we’ll quick switch it over.”
  • Shoutout to Flip: … and his compatriot RJ over at east/west. What’s Flip bumpin’ this mizzonth?

  • Laurie Anderson. *recalls that Wong Kar-Wai film — “Speak my language!”*
  • Bjork. *I’ve seen it all — and I can’t wait for “Vespertine”*
  • Cibo Matto. *One word: “Moonchild.” Well, maybe 17: you can’t avoid the lint of love, but you’ve got to know how to take it away.
  • Cat Power. *I like her cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” better than the one James turned me onto, the one by P.J. Harvey and Bjork done live somewhere. Get thee to Gnutella (via your — I mean, via my client of choice — and compare/contrast) …
  • Jill Scott: After the debut, she’s rollin’ with Sting. Every breath she takes, she can put the blunt down, leave that nasty lung infection she had behind and live up to that “next Ella Fitzgerald” praise he lavished on her.
  • DJ Gilles Peterson: love his show, love his CD, love my co-worker for loaning me said CD.
  • Dipendra: … is the crown prince of Nepal who — if news reports can be believed — is having a lousy Saturn return. Interestingly, he was born a week and a half before me. But without an exact time of birth, all I can do is signify about his chart. sigh

    From Astro-Noetics:

    Saturn-Neptune Contacts: For my brothers and sisters born between 1970-2–and who are currently going through their Saturn Returns–this essay is dedicated to you. Many of you will have a Saturn-Neptune opposition in your birthchart. When the Saturn-Neptune complex is activated, very little is worse. This is the configuration of depression, existential despair, and the belief that life is completely futile and hopeless. Since Neptune is the planet of imagination — of image — Saturn can create an incredibly bleak and dark imagination in which the world looks like a big, black hole. One’s self image can be remarkably pessimistic and unsuitable. Fear can rule one’s world. This aspect can also enervate the ego, weaken the body, and create tremendous self-denial and religious guilt. This really is one of the tougher Saturn Returns to navigate. But, if successfully navigated, one can have a sense of inner meaning, purpose, and beauty that few others can reach.

    Thoughts to consider and suggestions: Food is good. Make St. John’s Wort your friend. Don’t overindulge the urge to isolate one’s self. Remain active. Avoid Ingmar Bergman flicks at this time. Ask yourself: “Does my self-image match who I really am? Do I deny myself daily pleasure? Do I feel guilty about my life choices. Is my imagination destroying my foundations?”

    Phil me now!: … For rappers grown tired of Bootsy (if you walk without rhythm, you won’t attract the worm), there’s always the other Mr. Collins to consider.

    A cross-section of Collins’ densely rhythmic melodies has been reworked into hip-hop odes on the tribute album, Urban Renewal Featuring the Songs of Phil Collins, released on WEA Germany, according to Included on the album is ODB’s rendition of “Sussudio,” Brandy’s cover of “Another Day in Paradise” and Lil’ Kim’s interpretation of “In the Air Tonight.” The concept for the album was inspired by years of requests from R&B and hip-hop artists to sample Collins’ music.

    Weblogs: A new source of news: … “You don’t have to be a good writer. What matters is meaning. What you need is passion — a deep interest in a subject — and then all you have to do is say something interesting. For us readers, it’s actually a bit like eavesdropping. Who do I want to drop in on unannounced?”

    Sobering news about AIDS: … for black gay and bisexual men.

    The new research, released yesterday, relies on a newer blood test to identify people who have been infected only recently. The researchers found that in the six cities, black gay men ages 23 to 29 had a 14.7 percent annual rate of new infection compared with 2.5 percent among white gay men and 3.5 percent among Hispanic gay men of the same age. For the age group overall, the new infection rate was 4.4 percent.

    The findings mean that for every 100 young black gay men who were not infected at the beginning of the year, nearly 15 would be infected by the end of the year.