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‘Walk through the house. Take nothing. Eat nothing.’

Neil Gaiman – "Instructions"

The man who killed the delirious party of late Romanticism

Glenn Gould – Webern […] Gould' s thoughts on ‘ideal' music were most vividly expressed in a few lines he wrote about Jan Sibelius in 1974: “at its best, his style partook of that spare, bleak, motivically stingy counterpoint that nobody south of the Baltic ever seems to write.” Spare, bleak, motivically stingy counterpoint. You […]

‘Could it be by the sea, Your Honor?’

Scene from "The 400 Blows": Antoine Runs Away […] He moves through the Paris streets (photographed with exhilarating clarity by Henri Decaë) confidently but a little anxiously, a trace of unease betrayed by an odd scurrying half-run he breaks into from time to time, as if he he’d suddenly remembered that someone was chasing him. […]

Route 66: Panels I’d hit at 2008 SXSWi

(cross-posted) I read descriptions for all 736 proposed panels at next year's South by Southwest Interactive Conference. Here are at least six dozen and half a dozen more that deserve either five-star or four-star ratings. That means any one would either justify my trip or I will definitely attend them. (This is not to slight […]

None must sleep, none must sleep

Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma […] Perhaps his biggest gift to the music world was when he teamed up with Spanish stars Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras at the 1990 soccer World Cup and introduced operatic classics to an estimated 800 million television viewers round the globe. Sales of opera albums shot up after the gala […]

B major, suspended

Silkscreen T […] So, however rude and annoying Obama got in his repeated insistence that he would not dislodge the earbuds from his senatorial ears, I felt the strong urge to make him comfortable, happy, and part of the party. "Tell me what kind of music you like." I said, "Maybe we have a CD […]

Songs I’m not listening to on the radio

If Everyone Cared ILX: […] No one's mentioned "If Everyone Cared" yet. It's Nickelback's "Imagine," and I can't think of anything less suited for them. I mean, Kroeger is suggesting that how if everyone just dropped their weapon and started carrying flowers and cared and shared and loved and gave each other a big group […]