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‘Walk through the house. Take nothing. Eat nothing.’

Neil Gaiman – "Instructions"

The man who killed the delirious party of late Romanticism

Glenn Gould – Webern […] Gould' s thoughts on ‘ideal' music were most vividly expressed in a few lines he wrote about Jan Sibelius in 1974: “at its best, his style partook of that spare, bleak, motivically stingy counterpoint that nobody south of the Baltic ever seems to write.” Spare, bleak, motivically stingy counterpoint. You […]

‘Could it be by the sea, Your Honor?’

Scene from "The 400 Blows": Antoine Runs Away […] He moves through the Paris streets (photographed with exhilarating clarity by Henri Decaë) confidently but a little anxiously, a trace of unease betrayed by an odd scurrying half-run he breaks into from time to time, as if he he’d suddenly remembered that someone was chasing him. […]