All event, no horizon


Up early and out to drop A. off, and then off to wait out the tail end of the morning’s inbound rush-hour traffic. I wandered through a big-box store under renovation. I hadn’t set foot in the place in months, but seeing the tile stripped away to rudely reveal cement made it feel even more under-construction than the rearranged aisles and extensive clearance-sale racks. I went back and forth on buying a $20 analog watch, but figured it made more sense to try to replace the metal watch band instead. I did spring for a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter, thanks to the clerk managing to tear his eyes away from his iPhone streaming today’s product-announcement event. I stared at some promising bands before realizing they were for smart watches. Glad I got smart, just in time. Then home for a little piano time before work and weather.

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