Veggie and meat combo platter with injera

Today’s normal and commonplace and holy and another Monday in a series.


Some honor the sacrifice of those who died after they were sent to war. Others honor those who died more recently closer to home while challenging bigotry and defending fellow citizens, while others debate the day’s origins in grave decorations. Me, I’m eating the kind of meal in the rare kind of moment A. and I ever seem to do so, when it’s a holiday and other restaurants offer limited hours or closed doors.

I’m also thinking about the bravery and honesty in today’s latest post on a new-ish blog and hoping for many more posts to come.

Some sun and some soil

Westbound 14th between Alice and Harrison, Oakland

Today was only partially about tending to others’ gardens. I’m still dealing with whipping those walled-garden portals on my phone into shape. Some things like IFTTT may have to lie barren for a while until I can find a way back in.

I still have no use for certain messaging platforms (I’m looking at you, VK, and probably Weibo too). Others, like LinkedIn, will come back more easily and may yet reward more focused approaches.

It was funny to dig a Square card reader out of a pile on my desk, attach it to my phone and find it still works. I wonder if all the cool kids have moved onto other forms of payment, like contactless NFC-based hand gestures or something.

Results not immediately found

Southbound Telegraph Avenue at 17th Street, Oakland

I had to get up earlier than I’d planned and I found myself on Telegraph Avenue. I tried the convenience store with entrances on Broadway and Telegraph, but they didn’t have a thing I’ve been looking for. Then I stared at the intersection for a while, taking some pictures for Snapchat, before realizing I couldn’t quite make out the name on the mural hanging overhead and that nothing was turning up in search results for it.

Hours later, I was sitting in a cafe and grateful that the music playing from the overhead speakers was just loud enough to capture on my phone’s Sound Search app. The songs weren’t all alike, but were enough of a piece to program. I should have asked if it was Internet radio or somebody’s playlist, but that’s six of one and half a dozen of another these days.

Overheard at Caffe La Scala, Walnut Creek, CA