Able to find it worthy

Written by George on 2017-03-31 Categories: Posts

About a week ago, a co-worker and a former co-worker e-mailed me with an idea for a musical. Because I liked the idea, I figured I’d send them a song about the day after the events it might be based on.

They both liked it, and one of them wrote back just after midnight with ten ideas for songs. I served back with one just before I went to bed around 2 a.m., woke up and started playing around with the other ideas.

I think my personal best might’ve been three songs in a day, but something about the challenge in filling and fleshing out one on the basis of an image, a title or a possible plot scenario was pretty stimulating.

The first five came pretty easily on the fly. For the next two, I used a couple of made-up temp tracks that fit with what I was writing. I don’t know in what form they’ll wind up used, but it’s almost beside the point. For twenty-odd hours’ work, it was exactly the way I’d want to spend one of several recent days off.

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