Monthly Archives: May 2016

Town business

Today, after reading a few people talking about this early-morning fire on Twitter and Facebook, and after watching a couple of videos from The Specials, I wrote these lyrics: It’s the morning after the fire on 73rd and MacArthur on the deep East SideEveryone is bewildered and nobody saw it coming until the place got […]

Goodbye Shamsher

Today we said goodbye: @ankitasadaf and I will always mourn our cat Shamsher’s good-natured, carpet-terrorizing life. She spent six years drooling whenever she deigned to allow me to rub her belly during my morning coffees, yowling whenever we were drifting off to sleep at night, or crawling up my leg and begging for a taste […]

Chairmen of the board

I thought something might come together. I did some of the things might help. I waited to hear back. Today I learned it didn’t move forward. It wasn’t me, it was them. It’s their rules, their board, their game. I thought about these two gentlemen sitting outside the shuttered neighborhood fast-food spot. They have their […]