Monthly Archives: April 2016

How to head home

Click to view video. Click to view video. Click to view video. I still feel like I’m testing things out, but vaguely optimistically and less with the panic and desire to burn things down. Some of it comes from acceptance of certain things, like how long some things take to fully fall apart, how long […]

About what changed

  Five years ago, I apparently wrote text for an about page and promptly about it. What’s the only thing that matters less this year than a blog? In that text, I linked to my name site because I had it, and I thought it might make sense to put a portfolio there or a […]

The recombinant city

All starts are false, just as all identities are mistaken. Writing this post means re-writing the “Hello world!” default post in a fresh WordPress one-click install on my host (still Dreamhost after all these years). Choosing to write it at all, in the spring of 2016, is silly. Just the same, here I am. I […]