‘We’re gonna shop to one song, one song only’

Peruvian organic fair-trade bananas at Berkeley Bowl


So I Bowl so hard shoppers wanna fine me, but first shoppers gotta find me
What’s 50 items to a shopper like me? Can you please remind me?
Bowl so hard – these lines crazy, y’all don’t know that they don’t phase me
The clerks could take until 2082 and I look at you like “They’re not lazy!”
Bowl so hard – they shop weird, we ain’t even ‘posed to be here
Ball so hard – since we here, it’s only right that we trade fair
Recyle — I’m liable to eat local, take your pick
Reduce, reuse — my produce, organic

(and I’ll fill out the rest if someone doesn’t beat me to it, heh)

Author: George Kelly

Journalist, blogger, musician, fan

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