Limpiamos y comemos

Cleanup crew (ii) Caña Cristianos y moros con Coke hecho en Mexico at Caña

Sundays are for cleaning house. Sometimes you do it on your own when you wake up and you feel sickened enough by time’s passage, the marker of a new week and the mark of not having done something to earn, let alone observe that newness. Sometimes you welcome help, or you offer it.

And when you’re done, or you’ve moved and sweated and waited and paused and listened enough, Sundays are for getting to walk down a couple of short streets to a nearby restaurant you’ve heard of and even seen written up but never visited. You get to eat something simple and tasty, sit under unexpectedly warm partly sunny sky and talk about your year in travel, where you’ve gotten to go once you left home and where you still want to go someday.

QR aesthetics

AMC Bay Street Emeryville lobby ad for 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'

Ankita and I were going to Bay Street to see a movie, probably “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” at the Bay Street multiplex in Emeryville, and I remember coming out of the theater and seeing this promotional lobby ad. I’d not heard of “Martha Marcy May Marlene,” or its actress Elizabeth Olson, and I vaguely knew of John Hawkes. But I sure know what a QR code is.

I had to take a picture of it, as it’s probably the biggest code I’ve ever seen in public. But for some reason, I didn’t bother scanning it right there: probably my satisfaction with seeing it, and the idea that once I’d gotten back to my laptop, I could have the ease and comfort of looking it up at my own pace with a fast connection. Cool as the code use is, what does it say that I didn’t want to scan it?

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Room for improvement

Grand Lake Theater marquee on small-business parking

It’s the end of Sean Maher’s Oakland Tribune story, “Handicapped drivers outraged by Oakland’s new parking enforcement,” that sticks with me:

[…] This isn’t the first time store owners on Grand have been outraged by parking policies. Many owners protested a short-lived effort by the City Council in 2009 to extend paid parking hours from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. In 2010, many residents were outraged when they discovered that parking violations were enforced more strictly in poorer neighborhoods than in Montclair and North Oakland.

In her most recent revenue report to the City Council, Budget Director Sabrina Landreth said in July the city was then looking at a $7 million revenue shortfall, caused mostly by a lower-than-expected number of parking tickets being issued.

certain Friday nights in certain locations.

Around the office

Ray talks to Jeff Bobble-heads and non-bobble-heads
Jeff Faraudo came over to my cubicle to figure out some phone posting stuff with multimedia guy Ray St. Germain. That’s Ray on the left, hunched over Jeff’s Samsung BlackJack II running Windows Mobile 6.5. Jeff also wanted to get set up on Twitter so he could start posting about San Jose State University football he’ll be covering and so he’ll have the hang of it once UC Berkeley’s Cal Bears men’s basketball season gets under way. Features copy editor Rebecca Parr didn’t look up when features writer Laura Casey was passing by, but I did and liked seeing both of them with my and Danny Willis’ bobblehead dolls nearby.
Gieson talks to Karim behind Randy's back Virginia counts the days

Video game columnist Gieson Cacho is in the background holding forth on a game, most likely to multimedia producer Karim Amara behind those monitors, while senior web producer and movie reviewer Randy Myers just looks up from his desk and back at me with the perfect, long-meeting-honed Buster Keaton deadpan only he can muster. And then, on my way back to my cubicle, I saw senior multimedia editor for mobile Virginia Griffey inspecting a calendar and asked her to hold that pose just for a moment.
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