Monthly Archives: August 2011

Necklace of lights

All of these pictures we’ve been taking of each other We make them look older than they naturally do All of these pictures coworkers lovers and brothers Mini-mementos so we don’t forget me and you Are we supposed to revisit them later on in this life or post and then doublecheck so we know that […]

Four women on Lakeshore Avenue

Too often, I take pictures and they’re just pictures. Sometimes they’re merely documents. Often they’re useful place-holders. Occasionally I’ll try to take a picture that might work as art, or an obviously aesthetically effort-laden approach. I have had the good fortune to hang out with James Knox, Gwen Harlow or a Thomas Hawk. I don’t […]

No worries on Franklin Street

I don’t need a Foursquare page to tell me that I’m guilty of eating out at the same half-dozen places over and over in Oakland (or Berkeley or San Francisco). What I do apparently need — what it takes — is to read about a closing restaurant in Oakland Local and then for Ankita to […]

Mixed mobility

Cup of tea and iPhone I don’t think I’ve talked all that often about living in a mixed household. It’s not that hard a slog, or even that noteworthy. We get by just like folks from the same tribe do. We just wind up stopping more often to ask questions and process answers. We may […]


My badge I’ve driven by the building once or twice. Drive-by sightseeing doesn’t really cut it though, does it? Not that I tried to make it stand in or stand up, make it more than it was. So when Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig emailed the invite, I said yes. Working out of the San Jose Mercury News […]

On paywalls

I pay for the Wall Street Journal (though lately I’m regretting that). I don’t pay for the New York Times (though lately I’m regretting that). I work for the Bay Area News Group (though lately … I bet you thought I was going to repeat myself, now, didn’t you?). I know what I’m willing to […]

CNN News explains Anonymous vs. BART

From transcript: If you or someone you know ride San Francisco’s BART transportation system, take a listen to this. You may have just been hacked. Dan Simon is live in San Francisco with the story. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRIFFIN: The hacking group Anonymous strikes again, this time targeting BART’s San Francisco Bay Area rapid transit system. […]


It would be silly of me to try to pull some deeper meaning out of winning both of the pub-trivia contests I entered this summer: one in early June at The Den at The Fox in Oakland, and another one tonight at The Albatross in Berkeley. I got there, and met Dawn and Jay eating […]

And love is all that I need and I found it there in your heart

Showing up means you’ll be there when she lands, even if you’re early and she was explicit about when her flight was going to land. It means you get the gifts of parking off to the side of the waiting point and watching travelers reunite at all manner of speeds: the slow zombie shuffle, the […]

Bad connection

I’ve only ever used the wireless service connection a few times inside BART stations. Before its arrival, being underground was just something to suffer through. What did it matter? I was just like everyone else, heading somewhere where there’d be a signal. Without it, I was just using the phone in my hand or my […]