Four women on Lakeshore Avenue

Ethiopian women waiting on Lakeshore Avenue

Too often, I take pictures and they’re just pictures. Sometimes they’re merely documents. Often they’re useful place-holders. Occasionally I’ll try to take a picture that might work as art, or an obviously aesthetically effort-laden approach. I have had the good fortune to hang out with James Knox, Gwen Harlow or a Thomas Hawk.

I don’t usually recognize the best pictures I take for something other than an image, unexpectedly representative of larger forces and processes, until much later. And maybe I’m just looking at this image in several of what may be many wrong-headed, clumsy, ham-fisted ways. I could be overthinking a plate of beans. But something about this picture speaks to me. Its not a technically brilliant or clear capture, but I’m pretty sure I’d favorite it if I came across it in someone else’s photo-stream.

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