No worries on Franklin Street

No Worries restaurant

I don’t need a Foursquare page to tell me that I’m guilty of eating out at the same half-dozen places over and over in Oakland (or Berkeley or San Francisco). What I do apparently need — what it takes — is to read about a closing restaurant in Oakland Local and then for Ankita to suggest we go there.

No Worries menu

So we pull off I-980 into downtown and thread the streets we’re able to get through because 14th Street is blocked off for the Art and Soul Festival. Eventually we park over at the corner of 17th and Franklin streets, and walk down to the door. We get seated and we stare at the menu. I get a beer and think about just how hungry I am.

Ankita's dinner


Ankita’s dinner and my own pancit take a while to arrive, as business has picked up in the half-hour since our arrival. Both are delicious.

Leaving the restaurant afterward, I do a double-take a few doors down at the iCamera shop that has gone out of business. I had been taking my cameras to them since the late 1990s. There is a lesson here for me if I can focus long enough.

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